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Explain Why It Is Important to Take a Balanced Approach to Risk Management

Resources that are used to realise any business plan should be under strict control because waste of money will be able to easily cause their deficit in the future and even bankruptcy. Financial specialists are very important figures as their work can save a lot of money for the company and prevent various types of irrational expenditures. All business plans include some models of progressive development that promise to bring to the firm extra cash flows, but they simultaneously can cost certain excessive amounts if the plans won’t go according to the expectations. This is not a phenomenon, only ordinary practice, however risk sometimes could be enormous and such a scenario can ruin the whole development strategy, firm reputation, and also exhaust the available budget with all ensuing consequences.

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When it is about the prosperity of the enterprise one of the things that certainly will have a direct impact on the growth of the brand as well as the financial strength of the company will be the risk management. The CEO should take into account the probability of the market’s sentiments changing. Let’s imagine an interesting product that has all features required by consumers in the current time, but due to its nature won’t be very popular for too long. Enormous investments in this case will be extremely risky and a sum of approximately 10% of the budget could be bigger than the level of the chance to obtain desired profit, so development and promotion of such a product is something that is not good from the point of risk management. Depending on the company’s activities and balance condition numbers could be different and that is why personnel should be complemented at least by one qualified risk manager. This will help to reduce financial burden on the available resources for development.

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