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Analyse How Different Management Styles May Influence Outcomes of Team Performance

In the questions of business processes control there are many pitfalls that can ruin the development of the enterprise even if the model is very effective and potentially can generate money. In order to be effective a leader should choose one of the existing management styles. The way management collaborates with employees will easily determine how quickly and properly assigned tasks will be carried out by the team.

Different leadership styles

Different leadership styles

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There are at least four rational methods of controlling the team. And each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. The most interesting are following:

  • Autocratic — obviously not the best model of control people, but in certain situations the only possible solution, because it implies direct control. Ideal for spheres and activities where it is important to perform a monotonous job, and speed of work is an essential indicator. Also, this way of supervision will be effective in controlling a team which hasn’t experience.
  • Democratic — a more soft way to encourage people to work without losing enthusiasm and initiative. Especially effective when it is necessary to save an atmosphere of friendly cooperation in order to generate more relevant to the tasks ideas.
  • Delegation style — based on unlimited freedom of the employees. Manager should be sure about its workers’ qualification, responsibility, and ability to get over minor issues in difficult situations. In turn, with this approach the team will love work and will probably become more creative and productive.
  • Method of persuasion — requires good reputation among team members and understanding of the art of speech.  Such a way to control workers motivates people to organise their activity in order to achieve the best possible result, but the persuasion itself is very hard to realise.
good teamwork

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Anyway good teamwork is almost always better than efforts of one individual, so if there is a necessity to increase a level of efficiency of the business, it is worth to pay attention to the management style.



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