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Explain How Organisational Theory Underpins The Practice Of Management

Small companies as well as big corporations are functioning with the help of applied management strategy. Any method of activities control implies very detailed and carefully considered steps of responsibilities delegation as well as analysis of statistical data, and rational distribution of resources. Organisation theory allows to get a clear and very precise image about possible and available scenarios of a company development even before the presentation of the business plan. However, theory has the nature or a science that not always is applicable to the current situations the main idea of the subject is to project the branches of the management strategies according to the hired team abilities and sphere of activity of the firm. The theory can include the following points:


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  • structure;
  • changes;
  • culture.

All above-mentioned points are independent and will show the maximum level of effectiveness only if each of them was taken into account during the planning of the way the company will work in order to obtain profit, reputation, and continuous growth. If necessary to get brilliant collaboration of team members the manager should pay attention to the structure and possible changes that are potentially able to make the work more organised. If the main problem is hidden in the relation between each employee it is essential to use special models and instruments for regulation of cultural interaction. Only a perfectly functioning system of coordination of task delegation, qualified management, and harmony among personnel will lead to success.


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The theory can explain how important could be certain aspects of the internal life of a company and what to do in order to reach the equilibrium between human, financial resources, and attention that aimed to build an effective and competitive firm. Sometimes implementation of organisational methods gives more results than just regular salary increases and equipment updates.


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